March 2015, MPA Singapore Congratulatory Note on the
rescue operation of four Costa Rican fishermen by M/V Epic Bolivar

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore congratulates Interunity and the crew of “EPIC BOLIVAR” on the successful rescue operation of the 4 persons from their capsized vessel on the 27 February 2015.

Feb 2015, Certificate of Environmental
Management System Registration

This is to certify that Environmental Management System, having been assessed for registration of the Society´s Rules and found to be in compliance with the above mentioned Standards, has been entered in the Register, valid until the 18 February 2018.

June 2014, Long Beach
Green Enviromental Award 2013

The Port of Long Beach is pleased to present Interunity Management Corp SA with the Green Enviromental Achievment Award. This award is being granted to operators that called the Port of Long Beach in 2013 and demostrated that 90% or more of all its vessel trips complied with the Green Flag - Voluntary Speed Reduction Program.

October 2013,
U.S. Coast Guard's Quality Shipping

UNITED STATES COAST GUARD herebly recognizes Interunity Management Corporation S.A. for meeting the eligibility requirement of the U.S. Coast Guard's Quality Shipping in the Twenty First Century Program.

October 2013,
Certificate of eligibility to Chem Ranger

UNITED STATES COAST GUARD, Qualship 21, Certificate of eligibility awarded to the vessel CHEM RANGER.