Since establishment in 1982, Interunity has been operating and managing vessels to the highest standards. As a result we have developed an excellent reputation for safe, quality vessel management.

Alongside proprietary vessels Interunity provides full Commercial and Technical operation of LPG, Chemical, Product, Oil tankers, Dry Bulk Carriers and Container vessels to other Owners.

Through our 30+ year legacy and network of strategic partnerships and Joint Ventures, we have established relationships across the globe allowing us to give both our Charterers and Owners an excellent service.

We aspire to continue providing the most professional and reliable vessel management service and we constantly assess ourselves against peers to maintain competitiveness and standards.

Focus on Quality

Quality operation is founded on the proper mentality and code of conduct for safety and sanctity of human life and the environment; this concept permeates everything that we do.  

Our experience has also taught us that the highest operational efficiency is achieved by minimizing a vessel’s downtime:  and this achieved by careful and generous maintenance throughout the operation cycle of the vessels.

Our excellent records in many areas attest to our success towards our goal of Quality Operation.